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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Batted Balls and Blow Outs

If one were to look at the defense independent pitching stats applicable to today's game first, one would be shocked at the final score. That's because they suggest that Padre pitchers would have thrown over eleven innings while giving up roughly six runs, or a 4.88 ERA. The Rockies pitchers were only marginally better appearing to have thrown just over eight innings and allowing a bit more than four runs, or a 4.65 ERA.

How did we get the result we got then? Two factors: Awful fielding and bad luck. A lot of both, actually. We can only hope for a change in the latter, but the former we can expect to improve. Cameron's return from the DL will vastly improve the outfield. Dave Roberts cannot play a credible centerfield and I really can't say enough about how much I detest seeing Eric Young in the starting lineup. I won't wish injury on anyone, but we have a better chance of that taking playing time from undeserving veterans than we do of Bochy doing it.


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