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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Quick Analysis of Padre Regulars

The Padres, thus far, have been dreadful on offense. The players most frequently blamed are Klesko, Giles, Nevin and Burroughs.

If people would invest only a small amount of effort in scrutinizing the readily available data, they would notice that one player on the list (Klesko) does not belong and that a more deserving Padre (Loretta) has been omitted.

Giles, Burroughs, Loretta and Nevin all find themselves in the bottom half of their position when it comes to RC27 (Runs Created). Only Klesko, LF, Nady, CF, and Hernandez, C, managed to crack the top half of the list at their positions.

Padre Regulars through 4/27/05
NameRCRC27Rank (of 102)Rank by Pos.
Ryan Klesko14.26.87224 of 14
Xavier Nady11.36.23314 of 13
Brian Giles13.15.53508 of 14
Sean Burroughs8.35.235910 of 13
Mark Loretta12.24.90628 of 12
Ramon Hernandez10.24.68664 of 10
Phil Nevin10.23.997610 of 13


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