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Friday, June 17, 2005

In Response to Richard

"I am in favor of trading Phil Nevin for anyone making less money and eligible for free agency after this season."

With a younger, cheaper, and possibly better Nady languishing on the bench, I couldn't agree more.

"I am in favor of calling up Justin Germano if we need another starter due to injury." (Richard: More than one start.)

Depends on who's injured, and how long they're expected to be out. I'm probably gonna take heat for saying that I think Tim Redding will eventually pitch well in the big leagues, and would be my choice over Germano.

"I am against trading for Barry Zito."

I think Zito might have trouble getting that curveball called for strikes in the NL, although that might not be an issue with the shared umpiring. Then again, he's had trouble getting the call for almost two years now. He doesn't throw hard enough to get away with much, and I don't expect his velocity will improve in his late twenties. So yeah, I'm with Richard on this one.

"I am against trading away Sean Burroughs."

People forget that Sean's only 24, younger than most rookies. I used to hope for George Brett; now I'm hoping for Wade Boggs. I expect what we'll end up with will be more Carney Lansford than Brett or Boggs, and that's okay, too. There's no obvious replacement. He's the best legitimate third baseman in the organization, and he will get better.

"I am against trading away Xavier Nady."

Until Nevin, Klesko, or Giles are moved, management seems to have made a decision not to play Nady. To give Nady playing time at the expense of Nevin or Klesko would be tantamount to sunk costs in an organization that has publicly stated that it can't afford sunk costs. To play him over Giles doesn't make sense, because Giles is the better player. But three years from now Nady will be better than all of them, and the Padres may regret not getting him in the lineup more often in 2005.
My guess is that the team lets Giles walk, and Xavier takes over in rightfield in 2006. If that isn't the plan, I hope they trade him for a player they'll actually use.

"I am against re-signing Bruce Bochy."

With the groundswell of support for Bochy's mayoral candidacy, he may not have time to continue managing the team.
If not extended by the Padres, I'm sure he'll land another managerial job immediately. He's respected around the league as much as anyone not named Torre or Cox, and it would be interesting to see how he'd do with the payroll budget of say... the Dodgers.
God help him if he ends up in the American League. I think it would kill him not to double-switch at least once a game.

"I am against re-signing Ramon Hernandez for anything more than 2 years, $12 million."

I agree with this sentiment, despite my admiration for Ramon. The fact is that somebody is going to pony up more cash, for more years, than would be prudent.
I hope Towers is looking for a replacement, and I hope his name isn't Wiki.

"I am against bringing in the fences."

I think playing in a pitchers' park helps an organization for one reason:
The pitchers can go deeper into games in fully half of the contests. Over the course of a season, a staff is required to throw less pitches. The effect this has on keeping the bullpen fresh, and in lessening injuries, in incalculable.
If the Padres can stay afloat through the summer, I expect to see my theory pay dividends later in the season.
If bringing in the fences helps the hitters, don't do it.

"I am against trading for Tony Womack."

In a previous post I compared Womack to former Pirates shortstop Frank Tavares.
I now realize that I was being too generous. Tavares could play a passable shortstop, and was a better base stealer than Womack.
Geoff Young has it right. A better comp for Womack would be Enzo Hernandez.

"I am in favor of trading for Hideki Matsui."

Who would we give up? Nevin? Don't the Yankees already have Nevin's left-handed twin brother (Giambi)?
We already have a glut of outfielders. I don't want to add another unless he plays a Gold Glove caliber centerfield.

"I am against letting any player with an on-base percentage under .350 lead off."

Well, yeah...

"I am against letting Phil Nevin play every day."

I think Richard should seek psychiatric help regarding his overt hatred for Phil Nevin.
It could be worse. I remember Willie Montanez, Broderick Perkins, and Randy Bass all manning first base for the Padres. I am forever scarred by these experiences.


Blogger Geoff said...

Lance, you're forgetting Tim Hyers. Where's the love for Hyers?

8:14 PM, June 17, 2005  
Blogger Lance Richardson said...

Geez, I forgot about him.
In and organization with such a rich history of forgettable ballplayers, it's appropriate that I should forget one.

8:48 PM, June 17, 2005  

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