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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your First Place Padres!

Cool, Little Graph

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My Poorly Collected Thoughts

How many saves does Hoffman have?
(11:48:31 PM): This year? 12. Career? 405.
(11:49:10 PM): 12 / 14.
(11:49:18 PM): 86%.
(11:49:38 PM): Just off his career save percentage of 89%.
(11:50:15 PM): Eric Gagne's career save percentage is sick.
(11:50:17 PM): 96%.
(11:51:04 PM): He gave up two solo home runs in the only inning he's worked this year, though.
(11:51:46 PM): The Padres are tied for first with the D'Backs.
(11:51:55 PM): LA is 1.5 games back.
(11:52:16 PM): Padres are a sick 10 games over .500 at home.
(11:52:37 PM): That's the best in baseball.
(11:52:59 PM): Atlanta, I think, is second at 8 games over .500 at home.
(11:53:32 PM): I'm going to do a breakdown of that on my blog soon.
(11:53:48 PM): They're outscoring their opponents by an absolute ton from the 7th inning on.
(11:54:36 PM): Over the last ten games, only the Padres have managed an 8-2 mark.
(11:54:50 PM): Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Boston are 7-3 over that time.
(11:54:55 PM): Hottest team in baseball?
(11:55:31 PM): They swept the Marlins.
(11:55:35 PM): The Marlins are very good.
(11:55:58 PM): Too bad Woody's hurt.
(11:56:09 PM): Darrell May is pitching tonight.
(11:56:22 PM): Once Woody comes back, I think the Padres have one of the better rotations in baseball.
(11:56:29 PM): He's supposed to be back next week (or so).
(11:56:56 PM): Hey, if he didn't get hurt we wouldn't be watching Tim Stauffer.
(11:57:25 PM): Padres are 7th in RPI (Relative Power Index).
(11:57:57 PM): Chicago Sox, Baltimore, St. Louis, Atlanta, Washington, LA Dodgers, & then San Diego.
(12:00:15 AM): Padres have been outscored 97 - 131 in the first six innings.
(12:00:33 AM): They bat .250/.321/.396 & their opponents bat .280/.340/.454
(12:01:03 AM): They've outscored their opponents 80-37 after the sixth inning.
(12:01:16 AM): They bat .281/.379/.437 & their opponents bat .198/.278/.310.
(12:01:31 AM): Opponents are batting .198 after the sixth inning.
(12:01:58 AM): The bullpen is nails.
(12:02:16 AM): Phil Nevin is batting .348 after the sixth inning.
(12:02:25 AM): That's about .100 points higher.
(12:02:45 AM): He bats .210 before the seventh.
(12:02:50 AM): .138 higher.
(12:03:33 AM): Klesko and Nady both have Slugging Percentages over .600 after the sixth inning.
(12:03:49 AM): Ryno has hit five of his home runs after the sixth.
(12:04:05 AM): That tells you he has a different approach late in the game.
(12:04:38 AM): If you look at Ryno, he drastically changes his approach.
(12:04:54 AM): In the first six innings, he looks to put the ball in play and to reach base.
(12:05:05 AM): After that, he's trying to rip the cover off the ball.
(12:06:09 AM): .238/.373/.643; .301/.396/.518

His batting average drops .063, his on-base percentage falls .023 points and his Slugging Percentage climbs .125 points.
(12:06:42 AM): That's a difference of .188 in isolated power.
(12:06:46 AM): That's obscene.
(12:07:57 AM): Dave Roberts is the only guy I see who gets much worse later in the game.
(12:08:00 AM): That's odd.
(12:08:13 AM): Mainly since he seems to get all these big game-winning hits.
(12:08:21 AM): The eyes lie.
(12:08:25 AM): That's what stats are for.
(12:09:46 AM): Baseball is great because everything that happens is recorded.
(12:11:28 AM): Stauffer's ERA: 3.46.


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