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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Padres Work up a Number 6 on the Red Birds

The Curse

The "Curse of Kournikova," it can be safely be said, is over. Brian Giles went four for five with a home run and five runs batted in as he propelled the Friars to an 8-3 win. Brian Lawrence worked 6.2 innings, but did not figure in the decision, nor did his opposite, Morris. It should be interesting to see if Bochy leaves Giles in the fifth spot of the lineup following tonight's success. I rather hope he does.

Power 30

Dan Scotto, Beyond the Box Score, has an interesting take on MLB Power Rankings. Here's his take on the Padres:

18. Padres (High rank: #16, by Pythagenport, SI.com, Low rank: #22, by Sportsline): This is the type of team that makes me question if I should park adjust my method. But they're right in line with the other ones and the standard deviation's low. They've underachieved so far at .500, but they've won 3 straight. Stay tuned.

Stats Say What You Want Them to Say

Since August 26, 2004 no other pitcher in Major League Baseball has had as many strikeouts as Jake Peavy.


Blogger Peter said...

At least the guy's paying attention... I remember when ESPN used to post reader comments. They finally stopped - I'm guessing because they realized their "experts" were more blowhards than actually people that paid attention...

I can remember the Padres sweeping teams and having a better record than teams ranked ahead of them... Ah well...

10:27 PM, May 06, 2005  

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