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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Padres Win 3 of 4 in St. Louis

Tim Redding

Tim Redding appears to have a strained rotator cuff. Fantastic news, huh? Two starting pitchers on the DL in May. I wonder if we'll see Germano or Stauffer? Here's the report on Redding. This, in particular bothered me:

"I felt a real stern pinch in my shoulder but I just kept battling through," Redding said. "I felt discomfort every single day up until the day before yesterday."
"I didn't want to have to miss a start, but it progressively got worse and worse and all of a sudden it just gave out."

I'm glad they let him pitch, then. Why did they let him pitch? This is just too aggravating.

Successful Series

I'm sure today's game has left a bad taste in everyone's mouths, but one can't help but view the series as a huge success. Many Padre fans hoped the Padres would manage a split, and others simply hoped the Padres could avoid being swept. I'd be in the latter category.

Brian Lawrence pitched a fantastic game. Brian Giles came out of his slump in spectacular fashion. Hoffman recorded his 400th (and 401st) save(s). Despite losing Woody Williams to injury, the Padres managed a win with Darrell May as the starter.

Here's hoping the sour note (today's 15-5 thrashing) prevents the Padres from taking their next opponent lightly.

Momentous Occasion

Matt Bush drew a walk.

BP Basics

It occurs to me that not everyone has read the Baseball Prospectus Basics. If you haven't, you really should.


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