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Friday, July 29, 2005

Padres Deal Nevin for Park?

Title Track

Will Carroll "reports":
Friday, July 29, 7:55 p.m. ET: Jamey Newberg reports that the Rangers have dealt Chan Ho Park to the Padres for Phil Nevin. Nevin does not hold no-trade rights to Texas, though Park does have some sort of no-trade provision in his contract. Park was pulled from his start in Toronto.
Rangers to Deal Park for Nevin according to MLB.com, too.

Chan Ho Park, 2005 (ERA is of the Davenport Translated variety)
ERA: 5.14
IP: 109.7
K/BB: 1.48 (80/54)
K/PA: .159
K/9: 6.56
BB/9: 4.43
HR/9: 0.66
BABIP: .329

Even his DT ERA is high, but his DIPS is 26th in the AL. His BABIP is high and he should expect it to drop about 20 points pitching in front of the Padres' defense (.691 Def_Eff). I think I'd rather have Park than Ponson and I was in favor of the previous trade, so I guess I like this one, too. Park is owed a ton of money, though. More this year and more next than either Ponson or Nevin. I wonder how that's being handled.


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