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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Washington Post: Nevin Likely Will Accept Deal

New Prospect Report

Check it out here. If anyone has more information on Brett Bonvechio, I'd be thrilled if you would share. Thanks.


Oops. I forgot to link to the NRAA Glossary at Beyond the Box Score. So yeah, oops.

To Peter who I neglected to respond to earlier: See? NRAA doesn't take their offensive stats from each position. The positional difference is due to their defense.

Title Track

From the Washington Post:
"My feeling is that he's going to accept it," an executive from one of the teams involved said... "He said Lee was very convincing and painted a nice picture," Barry Axelrod, Nevin's agent, said. "They told him he'd play every day at first base or at DH and bat in the middle of the lineup." ... Another factor is that the Padres have told the first baseman he would no longer be an everyday player.

It's already been established that the move helps the team offensively by forcing Bochy to give playing time to his better players. I say that it forces him to, but maybe Geoff Blum will be the new first baseman. It's impossible to tell with Boch. He genuinely seems to prefer starting lesser players. Hell, he may want to call Ojeda back up to start at first base.

There's also a financial angle. Phil Nevin is still owed roughly four million dollars this year and $10 million in '06 with a two million dollar buyout in '07. Ponson is owed roughly $250,000 less this season and in '06 will be paid the same as Nevin.

It's less compelling than the "stopping Bochy from refusing to play one of his best players" angle, but it's an angle.

Bochy Hates Winning

Well, why do you think he refuses to put the best team he can on the field? During the seven game losing streak, Xavier Nady is tied for ninth on the team in plate appearances. That puts him behind guys who play the same positions as him such as Dave Roberts and Phil Nevin who have gone a combined 3 for 29 over that span. Lance seems to think that's because Nady sleeps with Bochy's wife or something to that effect. I'm thinking he either thinks these are exhibition games or he actually detests winning ball games. What do you think?

Poll Added!


Blogger MitzieBitchie said...

Just poppin around to say that I liked your post. =) Catch me too in my profile and visit me on my webpage. Ciao!

12:53 AM, July 25, 2005  
Blogger Lance Richardson said...

I've narrowed Nady's lack of PT to three possibilities:

01. X is STILL banging Bochy's wife.
02. Bochy was napping in the dugout all Spring, and doesn't know who Xavier Nady is.
03. Bochy's nasty crack-cocaine habit.

5:52 AM, July 25, 2005  
Blogger Lance Richardson said...

Dude, Mitzibitchie is SMOKIN'.
If that's really a picture of her. Check out her site, The perfect woman, I tell you.

5:57 AM, July 25, 2005  
Anonymous The Fathers said...

If you are looking at numbers for this year, I think you are being way too hard on Bochy. Nady has been playing pretty much every day against left handed starters; it would be interesting if you found the last lefty starter against whom he didn't start. Against righties, Sweeney outperforms Nady at first, Klesko outperforms him in left.

Nady did outperform Burroughs against RHP, but Bochy at least had the superficially plausible argument that Burroughs' D was more important. Maybe that's where you are going, though, and I would tend to agree. Now, uh oh, Randa is here, and doing better this year against RHP than Nady.

Maybe you now mean that Nady should start over Roberts against RHP. Well, for most of this year Roberts was outperforming Nady against RHP; the numbers just recently flipped slightly, due to Roberts' huge slump.

11:39 AM, July 25, 2005  

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