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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Yankees DFA Redding

My prediction that Tim Redding would find success in Yankee pinstripes has gone kablooey. Redding has been designated for assignment to make room for (of course!) Al Leiter.

Leiter had himself been DFA'd by the Marlins on Thursday.

Clearly, the Yankees' affinity for really old pitchers who make a lot of money served as inspiration for these moves. Once Steinbrenner realizes that he's only responsible for about $400,000 of Leiter's salary, he'll be released and replaced by someone more expensive and less effective. Hideo Nomo, perhaps.

In non-baseball related news, I'll be drinking beer and listening to ZZ Top's "Tube Snake Boogie" on repeat, from now until the Padres begin their scheduled Sunday trouncing of the D-Backs.

ZZ Top. Those dudes totally rock.


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