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Friday, July 08, 2005

The All-Star Game

The All-WARP1 Team

Are you wondering what an objectively decided upon team would look like for each league? I didn't think so, but here they are:

American League

Jason Varitek, C
Mark Teixeira, 1B
Brian Roberts, 2B
Brandon Inge, 3B
Miguel Tejada, SS
Gary Sheffield, OF
Vladimir Guerrero, OF
Hideki Matsui, OF
David Ortiz, DH

National League

Brian Schneider, C
Derrek Lee, 1B
Marcus Giles, 2B
Morgan Ensberg, 3B
Rafael Furcal, SS
Brian Giles, OF
Andruw Jones, OF
Bobby Abreu or Jason Bay, OF

(Lance: You would put Giles in w/o question, while Abreu and Bay sit on the fence?
By what metric have they not both SIGNIFICANTLY outperformed Giles?
That metric is wrong, whatever it is. (Forgive me while I sound like Joe Morgan.))

Well, there's WARP1. Giles leads all Major League outfielders in Wins Above Replacement Player, which is what both teams were picked by. Also, since you asked, Giles is also way ahead of Bay in Win Shares. Gilly also has a higher OBP than Bay. He also leads them both in Batting Runs Above Average and Fielding Runs Above Average. Oh and Equivalent Average. He has a higher equivalent average than either of them. Abreu and Bay sit on the fence because they are tied for third in the NL among outfielders in Wins Above Replacement Player. :-P

Title Track

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There's a reason it's the called the BRIAN GILES Award for Unheralded Greatness...


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