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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ed Graney Makes Bochy Look Stupid

Unfortunately for Graney, that's a pretty big step up for Boch. His article can be found here.

Break up the Padres.

I fear he's peaked rather early.

No. Really. Please.

In Graney's mind, that's clever.

[snip some idiocy] It sounded nice for a few days, all that feel-good banter about the record not mattering and clean slates and how strange things sometimes occur in a short series. Nice and utterly ridiculous.

I agree. Having the odds stacked against you 3:2 like the Padres did is impossible to overcome.

[snip some more idiocy] [Kevin Towers] no longer must spend inning after inning praying for a Padres bat to mistakenly run into a pitch or closing his eyes when any fly ball ventures into left field.

The Padres were fifth of 16 in EQA in the NL. Also, Klesko had a Rate of 99, which is within one run over 100 games of average. If Graney wanted to pick on fielder, he probably should have started with Dave Roberts who happened to be awful in the field this year.

[snip some idiocy, a quote from KT, and a little more idiocy]It's about time base runners around here didn't resemble your parents during the church picnic's three-legged race. It's about time there are better athletes in the home team's outfield than the beer line. It's about time the offense does something more productive than walk.

I'll agree with Graney's general opinion with regard to the poor base-running. Some of that is the fault of the coaching staff as well as the players. Graney is correct that the team needs better outfielders (see Roberts, Dave). Something more productive than walk... What is it with the idiots in this town and their disgust with drawing walks? Any time you didn't make an out, you succeeded. Somebody explain how baseball works to Graney.

[snip a couple useless lines]There are three untouchable players on the roster – pitchers Jake Peavy and Scott Linebrink and shortstop Khalil Greene. After that, no one should be considering refinancing the mortgage.

I wouldn't want to get rid of them either, but the only one I would classify untouchable is Peavy. Linebrink has been outstanding, but if the right deal came along.... Khalil is still a below average player and despite his upside, he shouldn't be considered untouchable.

[snip some more useless crap, a couple quotes from Towers and Graney's predictions on who will be re-signed]Do the Padres take the $8 million or $9 million they would offer Giles and instead split it among a few players such as Minnesota's Jacque Jones and Florida's Juan Encarnacion? Do they again try to trade for Mike Cameron of the Mets or perhaps Juan Pierre of the Marlins?

It's worth noting that Jones and Encarnacion together aren't going to replace the production of Giles by himself. Look, here's a table:

Brian Giles 0.44 158 0.326 99 380 49.8 30.52 0.305 RF
Jacque Jones 0.332 142 0.27 111 408 6.96 15.9 0.159 RF
Ryan Klesko 0.369 137 0.281 100 372 13.74 10.03 0.1 LF
Mike Cameron 0.341 76 0.285 94 215 9.56 6.58 0.066 RF
Juan Encarnacion 0.358 141 0.28 95 389 13.65 4.68 0.047 RF
Dave Roberts 0.374 115 0.284 88 310 13.2 -0.52 -0.005 CF
Juan Pierre 0.335 162 0.257 97 463 -2.28 -4.41 -0.044 CF

It'd be nice to have Jacque Jones in right, Giles in left and somebody not in that table in center.

Do they convince a team such as the Angels that Ryan Klesko could actually be productive as a designated hitter and then convince Klesko to take his pleasant demeanor, diminishing skills, no-trade clause and $10 million salary up the freeway in exchange for Steve Finley?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, that'd be a hell of a deal. Good thinking, Graney.

There is so much to do, so much to fix. Eighth among National League teams in average with runners in scoring position. Sixth in on-base percentage. Twelfth in batting average. Thirteenth in runs and home runs. Fifteenth in slugging percentage.

Has this guy never heard of negative park factors and small sample sizes, or is he just too stupid to understand the concepts?

[snip the rest of his crappy article]

Where does the UT find a guy like Graney? I'm guessing under a bridge.


Blogger Lance Richardson said...

Well, one of us certainly had to comment on that column. I found each paragraph more comical than the last. By the time he got to the Finley idea, I had completely given up.

8:26 AM, October 10, 2005  
Blogger Lance Richardson said...

I haven't checked the numbers, but hasn't Steve Finley been worse than Juan Pierre this season?
If not, I'll come up with a comp for Pierre eventually.

8:28 AM, October 10, 2005  
Blogger Richard B. Wade said...

Fins was quite a bit worse than Pierre this season.

9:31 AM, October 10, 2005  
Blogger Richard B. Wade said...

According to his PECOTA card, Juan Pierre's most comparable player is Mickey Rivers.

9:34 AM, October 10, 2005  

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