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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some Thoughts

Title Track

  • Last night's loss was utter crap.
  • Jake had thrown a lot of pitches, but I was upset when he was removed. We're talking over a week before his next start if we had won last night.
  • Trevor Hoffman should not be our pitcher of choice in a high leverage situation.
  • Also worth pointing out is that Dave Roberts would not have had a better shot at catching the ball Giles dropped. Roberts has been atrocious in the field. He's been pretty good at the plate, but if this were the AL, you'd have to consider using him at DH because he's been just that good defensively.
  • Back to Trevor not being our high leverage reliever: he's not our best reliever and that should be a good enough reason. Our best pitchers (by DERA) are (in order) Linebrink, Hensley, Seanez, Peavy, Astacio, Breslow, Hoffman, Hammond and Otsuka (list ends because those are our "above team average pitchers").
  • Yes, I really would have preferred seeing Hensley in the ninth over Hoffman.


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