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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Khalil's Plate Discipline

It was mentioned by Geoff Young that Greene's plate discipline has returned to his 2004 levels. While his BB/PA rate is now .001 lower than it was in 2004, his plate discipline has actually increased significantly. Greene put up a .096 BB/PA in '04 compared to a .095 this year, but his unintentional walk rate has actually climbed from .078 to .095. Greene may have had a .349 OBP in 2004, but without the intentional passes he got for batting infront of the pitcher it would have been .337.


Blogger LynchMob said...

Good point!

So why don't we put VinnyC in the 8-hole and get him some IWs?

2:05 PM, July 14, 2006  
Blogger Marc Normandin said...

He's taking 3.9 P/PA in 2006 after two years of 3.8 P/PA, essentially an extra pitch per game. Just sayin'

1:06 PM, July 22, 2006  

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