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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Will Carroll is on Crack

Title Track

Will Carroll writes:
The Cardinals continue to work on a deal for an outfielder. The latest discussions involve Brian Giles coming to the Cardinals in return for Jason Marquis. That part would be easy enough, so if this deal gets held up, it will be over minor details of money and additional prospects.
That part would be easy enough? That's a terrible trade for the Padres. Why trade the most productive outfielder in the Majors this season for Jason Marquis? Even if you don't re-sign a guy like Gilly, you get draft picks (See: David Wells and Cesar Ramos). Trading Giles smells a lot like giving up, but at this point it's hard to know what to make of things. Portland could win the NL West at this point and the playoffs remain a crapshoot. Perhaps the idea is that the Padres can win the West w/o Gilly and that Marquis increases your odds of stealing a game in the playoffs. I'm not seeing it, though.


Blogger Marc Normandin said...

He didn't say it was good, just that the only part that had to be smoothed out was the money and additional players in the deal and such. I think Will meant its easy to say Marquis for Giles and we'll talk later.

11:32 AM, July 31, 2005  
Blogger Richard B. Wade said...


10:10 AM, August 01, 2005  
Blogger Peter said...

Yeah, Giles (and oh by the way, Park's contract) for Marquis (some spending money & Reyes)...

All that's left to figure out is the money... Did we want $15 or 20 mil?

With Nevin out of the way for Nady, we need to get on to the business of re-signing Giles (hitters with 42+% on-base percentages don't grow on trees).

9:30 PM, August 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey nice posts i added you to my bookmarks

Just wanted to say everything you posted was a good read.
Its nice too see that some people create decent and entertaining blogs, yours kept me reading for well over 10 minutes.


6:45 AM, October 18, 2005  

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