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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm Still Here

Despite a not-so-subtle prodding from Richard, I have been pretty scarce around here.

Same as our readers.

One excuse is the devastation of hurricane Katrina. The flooding and catastrophic damage to my favorite place in the world, New Orleans, has me concerned. I have many friends in that town; my wife and I try to visit at least every three months. We even got married there. Think some good thoughts for the entire region, if I may ask.

I am not, however, concerned about the Padres' playoff hopes. They are absolutely going to win the NL West. I like being in first place with a mediocre record much better than being in third place with a good record. Just get to the postseason, and I'll take my chances.

Isn't it nice to see that Xavier Nady has finally seen the evils of adultery, and broken it off with Bruce Bochy's wife?

I'll end the most incohesive, pointless post in the history of blogdom by pointing out that the inimitable Padre Mike has a blog, of which I was unaware until about 15 minutes ago. Check it out at : http://padretalk.blogspot.com/



Blogger Frankie said...


Many thanks for the blog compliments, and for your relief efforts concerning hurricane Katrina. Sadly, I never got to visit NOLA. :-(

A Padre's site! Many moons ago I watched a Mets-Padres game at Jack Murphy...now called Qualcomm? Ack.

I'd plug your blog, but I think my father would bitchslap me if he caught wind of me promoting any other team besides his beloved (albeit disappointing) Mets.

12:42 PM, September 07, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lance, LynchMob here (but I can't remember my password here at blogspot :-() ... what's your take on how we can best help folks from NO (and the rest of La/Miss)? I don't mind giving to the Red Cross, just wondering if you have a sense for something worthwhile that might be getting overlooked.

An acquaintance of mine here in Corvallis, OR, had her in-laws arrive from NO just yesterday ... her husband flew down there and drove them back here in their only remaining possession ... they car they fled in prior to Katrina hitting.

A co-worker of mine is a Tulane grad and his Mom worked at and lives (lived?) near the campus ... she's now doing her job from Atlanta as Ga Tech has stepped up to take in many of Tulanes students ... as has Texas Tech and NM St and many others ... amazing!

9:52 PM, September 08, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:18 AM, October 14, 2005  

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