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Monday, October 24, 2005

A Work in Progress...

Title Track

Geoff Young has sparked a bit of a discussion about Xavier Nady with his Review of the Padres' First Base situation. I have a number of opinions on the subject, but feel they are not based on much. I can't allow that to continue, so I'll be adding statistics and commentary on the topic over the next couple of days.

First off, X's Beyond The Boxscore Player Card:

Only NRAA & NRAA/GP are park or season adjusted in any manner. Also, the NL average of mOPS (2.2*OBP+ISO) is .872. That means that .884 playing half your games in the park with the greatest negative factor is pretty decent.

BA is exactly league average playing in a park that lowers BABIP. His OBP is .006 points below league average. His SLG & ISO are .025 above. Nady's EQA of .269 (which is park and league adjusted) is .009 above the Major League average of .260.

Other stats from The Hardball Times:Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In case they're unfamiliar, those are Runs Created, Runs Created per Game, Gross Production Average ((OBP*1.8+SLG)/4) which is ballpark adjusted, Pitches per Plate Appearance, Line Drive Percentage, Batting Average on Balls in Play, Groundball to Flyball ratio, percentage of flyballs that are infield flies and Home Runs per Flyball.

RC is a counting stat and tells us less than RC/G. 4.9 isn't terribly low, but it's behind Giles, Sweeney, Roberts, Klesko & Fick who all play the position(s) Nady does. Nady's GPA is good for 10th on the club, though it is a bit above league average. He was 25th among Padres in P/PA which is just ugly. His LD% is lower than that of Burroughs (by 0.4). The BA/BIP is also on the low side. He was around the middle in G/F and IF/F. His HR/F was encouraging, though as it ranked behind only Ben Johnson, Jesse Garcia & Miguel Olivo who had fewer PA by a wide margin. THT's PrOPS stat also seemed to like Nady. PrOPS is based on "batted ball types, walk rate, HBP rate, strikeout rate, home run rate, speed scores, and home park of the player."


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