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Friday, April 15, 2005

Lowe Dominant in 4-0 Win

The Padres, who have averaged six walks per game this season, managed to draw only one tonight. Lowe was able to limit the Padres to four base-runners while picking up his second career shutout. Starting for the Padres, Woody Williams was taken deep twice by Kent and Bradley. The other two runs given up by Williams were career RBIs two and three for Derek Lowe.

The only positives from tonight's game were Sean Burroughs (1-3, BB) and Chris Hammond's scoreless 1.2 IP in relief of Williams. Those are pathetic highlights. I could say more, but this was just an ugly loss (Padres' first shutout of the year).

The Dodgers are now 7-2 & the Padres are now 5-5.


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