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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Maybe I'm Missing Something...

Sports Illustrated
I just finished reading Tom Verducci's article, "Baseball's Incredible Shrinking Slugger," and I've obviously missed something. Verducci asserts that since there has been a "decline in power," guys like Craig Counsell, David Eckstein, Juan Pierre, Scott Podsednik and Ichiro Suzuki "are more valuable." This may be true to an extent. If there's fewer guys hitting doubles, you may have to go get guys who can steal second base. However, it would seem to me that the guys who should see their value climb are the ones who can still hit home runs. Or maybe I'm just missing something.

Damian Jackson
Has this guy been good, or what? He has been playing excellent defense. I was just discussing this with my dad a few minutes ago and he asked why we ever got rid of him in the first place. I couldn't remember, so I went to Baseball Reference to check. Apparently we traded Damian along with Matt Walbeck to Detroit for Javier Cardona and Rich Gomez. In case you can't remember, it wasn't a great trade for anyone.

Cardona was good for a WARP1 of -0.3 in his only season with the Friars (Gomez never made it to the show). Walbeck managed an ugly -1.9 WARP1 over two seasons and DJ proved the only positive contributor traded with a WARP1 of 1.0 in one season in Detroit.


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